Dashboards integrating multiple data sets with access rights.


Custom workflows with alert management.


Video and text chat for teams.

Audit Trails

Monitor comments and workflow changes for all submitted data.

Custom APIs

All responses can be customized and passed to host servers for storing or further processing.

3rd Party Integration

Integration to 3rd parties for data enrichment, payments etc.


Identify human faces within images.


Compare two face images and determine similarity.


Identify document types and categories from images or folders.


Convert images to text (support for multiple scripts).

Field Validation

Validate details from ID documents such as dates of expiry / date of birth / ID number formats etc

Image Validation

Extract image metadata and detect possible tampering.

Custom Training

Custom AI models used for classification and detection. We work to continually enhance our datasets for better accuracy.

Local Hosting

Framework and integrated solutions can be hosted locally to satisfy compliance requirements. All AI based solutions available on hosted models as well.