Manage onboarding use cases for various industries - onboard individuals or entities capturing different layers of data from sub-entities. Supported by workflows and a back office portal for review.

Personalize customer experiences with custom UI to reflect branding and features most relevant to them.

Integrate with 3rd party data sources / CRMs / Policy Admin Systems / Core Banking Systems.

Integrate to Profilebridge face and document recognition APIs and existing reporting and back office.

Advanced workflows, audit trails, access rights and custom reporting and dashboards.

Pull and push information from existing systems. Layer Profilebridge onboarding solutions on top of existing framework or embed with current systems with workflows.

Digitize and save forms for compliance and audit purposes along with supporting documents (ID proofs, board resolutions etc).


eKYC features can be modified and adjusted to complement existing applications and processes, in addition to operating on a standalone basis or integrated to Profilebridge onboarding solutions/framework. Feature sets are available as a package or individual APIs depending on the business use case.
Features - Sample Workflow
1 - Document Recognition

Detect & Validate Type

Automatically detect documents required for the verification process (eg. ID proof, address proof, cheque leaf). Check if the document type is acceptable for the category defined by the front-end application or back-end FTP process (for bulk-upload cases) (eg. Passport front image is not a valid address proof).

2 - Document Recognition

Detect & Extract Features

Extract desired features from the document. In case of text, run OCR and save results for processing or further editing. Check results from OCR to validate ID formats, MRZ codes, date validity (eg. expiry date).

1 - Face Recognition

Detect Face(s)

Detect if a clear, human face is present in the uploaded document.

2 - Face Recognition

Match and Analyze Face Images

Compare captured face images (from selfie capture or from documents) for similarity. In addition, detect approximate age and gender and display any outliers as per defined thresholds.

3 - Face Recognition

Face Liveness

Detect liveness - customer should be live and present instead of a static image or pre-recorded video.

1 - Collaboration


Customer records video of themselves accepting terms & conditions of the product/service being offered. Optional video chat with back office agent.

2 - Integration / Collaboration

3rd Party Data Checks

Integration to 3rd party data sources such as blacklists, watchlists, Government and credit agencies.

3 - Integration / Collaboration

Run Additional Checks

Additional checks on the submitted document(s) such as tampering detection and on the overall submission such as location (IP and GPS if available).

4 - Integration / Collaboration

Workflow & Storage

Pass the entire submission (images, videos, supporting documents) through custom workflow stages with configured access rights. Once finalized, store for processing, archival or further integration.